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Meet the Team

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Rachelle- Office Manager  
Rachelle joined our team in 2013.  She is our SoCal girl bringing 25+ years experience in management.  Rachelle thoroughly enjoys every aspect of her job and loves the fantastic team she works with.  She has definitely elevated our office with her expertise.  We are quite happy she has found her forever-career with us. While she’ll always be a Cali girl, we are breaking her in to the Southern way of living.   
Susan- Senior Scheduling Coordinator 
Susan has been part of the team the longest. She started working with Dr. Ward in 2000 as a certified dental assistant.  She has since hung up her dental jacket for the luxuries of working in the front office with cushy chairs.  On occassion, Susan is still called to dental assist when necessary.  She has a wealth of knowledge with a very caring personality.  Patients absolutely love her and so do we!  We have decided, she is never allowed to retire.
Op SmileMelissa- Certified Dental Assistant  
We were fortunate to add Melissa to our team in 2010.  Her experience in pediatric dentistry has been a valuable asset.  Patients love her compassion, especially the ones that may arrive to their appointments nervous.  Melissa has a way with patients to put them at ease. Many returning patients request Melissa to assist again with their appointment.
Sheri- Dental Assistant  
Sheri has been with us since 2014.
To best describe Sheri, she  completes us.  
The end. 

Option 2

Kristen- Dental Assistant  
Kristen is a dreamer.  She has big goals.  So far, she is accomplishing all the goals she has been dreaming about.  She is on a constant quest to always be learning.  We are lucky to have her.  Patients just love her.  So do we.
 Danielle- Certified Dental Assistant
Danielle was completing her schooling to become a Certified Dental Assistant, when we met her. Danielle was chosen specially for our practice as a required rotation. We were not looking to add a new assistant. But, we loved her so much, we could not let her go, and we’re glad every single day we didn’t.  
Katie- Scheduling Coordinator
Katie is our newest team member and we couldn’t be more thrilled! As our practice continued to grow, we wanted to add someone great to our front office. We waited, and waited, to find the perfect match to add to our work family. Katie was that person. She has fit in beautifully. With her past work experience in endodontics along with her work ethic and personality, we’re not sure how we all lived without her!